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High-purity silicon material capacity guarantees
excellent PV cell performance
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  • Metallurgical-grade silicon
    Adopting "Thermal Denitrification" technology, greatly reducing the emission of nitrogen oxides compound.
  • Crystalline silicon
    Adopting "Modified Siemens me-thod". The output can be adapted for both P&N type PV cell.
Continuously improve
product quality
  • Use C-276 reduction furnace
  • Add cinnamon online filter
  • The distillation device incorporates a decarbonizing column, a boron phosphorus, and metal removal adsorption column, and a high-low boiling tower
  • Advanced water blasting and automatic crushing are used in the collating device
Continuously minimize
production costs
  • Equipment selection
  • Rational reuse of energy
  • Introduction of new process
  • Pursuing the one-time success rate of device start-up