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To Explore the Value of Light
To Empower a Carbon-zero Future
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To take advantage of the light in a limited space
HY SOLAR High-efficiency N-TOPCon Cell Capacity
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The Era of N-type Brings Infinite Possibilities
Being the New Power of High-Efficiency, PV Module

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N-type zero-carbon PV industry chain

HY SOLAR PV industry chain

Through HY SOLAR's N-type vertical integration strategic layout, we have achieved the transformation from large-scale production capacity throughout the photovoltaic manufacturing process to industrial integration. This ensures the stability, reliability, and efficient linkage of the entire process, allowing efficient photovoltaic technology to seamlessly traverse every stage of intelligent product manufacturing.
Through HY SOLAR's N-type photovoltaic full industry chain, the transformation from large-scale production capacity to industrial integration has been realized, ensuring the stability, reliability and efficient linkage of the whole process.

Technology Innovation

HY SOLAR has consistently maintained its independent R&D and innovation capabilities in the field of new energy. Over the years, the company has upheld collaborations with numerous universities in industry, academia, and research, establishing a research and development cooperation center with Germany Siemens. Leveraging its technical resources and high-end talent reserve, HY SOLAR possesses independent technical advantages across all fields of the photovoltaic industry. The company actively leverages its strengths, earning recognition through numerous industry awards.
HY SOLAR has independent technical advantages in all fields of the photovoltaic industry and actively gives full play to its strengths, and has won numerous awards in the industry.
Data source is 2022 Financial Report
  • 21.91 Billion (CNY)
  • 974 Billion (CNY)
    R&D input
  • 1038
    Scientific Personnel
  • 203
    National patent authorizations


  • HY SOLAR attended the "Beltand Road" Entrepreneurs Conference 2023.10.31

    From October 17 to 18, the Third "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum was held in Beijing. The theme of this summit was "High-Quality Co-Building of the Belt and Road for Common Development and Prosperity." Yang Hao, the General Manager of HY SOLAR, and Zhao Junwu, Vice President of Overseas Marketing, attended the "Belt and Road" Entrep…
  • High Energy Modules of HY SOLAR Present at AEA 2023 2023.10.30

    On October 25, the 2-day All-Energy Australia 2023 started at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. As the first stop of HY SOLAR overseas exhibition, three most representative HY SOLAR HT series TOPCon bifacial module products were displayed on site. Their excellent product performance and power generation performance attracted many people of PV industry from Australia and New Ze…
  • Deepening Cooperation | HY SOLAR visited CNNP Rich Energy 2023.10.23

    On October 18, Chairman Yang Jianliang, General Manager Yang Hao of HY SOLAR and other leaders visited CNNP Rich Energy Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CNNP Rich Energy”). Wang Zhigang, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CNNP Rich Energy, Zhu Shaofei, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CNNP Rich Energy Inner Mongolia Company an…