Company Milestones
A practitioner of dual carbon goal and energy revolution
Renaming "Hoyuan Green Energy" to Build a Full Photovoltaic Industry Chain
Vertical integration of photovoltaic industry chain will be arranged
Enter the field of monocrystalline silicon material production
listing on the stock market
lnto the PV industrial
The ShangJi Automation was established

After over 20 years of development, the company currently boasts the production capacity of high-end intelligent equipment and monocrystalline silicon wafers, further reaches out to upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, with three industrial bases in Baotou,Wuxi, and Xuzhou, and deploys five business segments of equipment, silicon material, silicon wafer, Solar cell, and new energy power station.

HOYUAN aims at energy saving and emission reduction from the source, and process to the whole value chain closely combines the national strategic vision and industry progress with enterprise development, and contributes to building green and low-carbon new industries and new business patterns and steadily achieving “dual carbon” goal.


The company name was changed from "WUXI SHANGJI AUTOMATION CO., LTD." to "HOYUAN Green Energy Co., Ltd.".

Jan 19

A wholly-owned subsidiary Hoyuan Energy Technology(Baotou) Co., Ltd was founded, expanding the supportive channels for upstream industrial silicon and polysilicon materials.

Jan 20

A wholly-owned subsidiary Wuxi Hongyuan New EnergyTechnology Co., Ltd was founded, deploying the field of new energy power stations.


Hoyuan New Material (Xuzhou) started construction of a “new energy industry integration project in Xuzhou”, planning the capacity of 25GW monocrystalline silicon slice and 24GW N-type high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cell. The project was divided into three phases, building 25GW monocrystalline silicon slice capacity in the first phase, building 14GW high-efficiency crystalline silicon cells capacity in the second phase, and building 10GW high-efficiency crystalline silicon cells capacity in the third phase.

The company was shortlisted for “National Specialized, Refined, Special and New Little Giant Enterprise”.

Forbes unveiled the “Top 50 Chinese Innovative Enterprises in 2022”, and Shangji Automation made the list.


HoyuanNew Material(Baotou) raised the capacity to 35GW crystal pulling capacity +25GW slicing capacity.

Mar 10

A wholly-owned subsidiary Wuxi Hongyuan Semiconductor Material Technology Co., Ltd was founded, focusing on R&D, production, and sales of silicon carbide crystal growth, substrate slice, and epitaxial slice.


Shangji Automation R&D Center Laboratory succeeded in the trial production of a 6-inch silicon carbide substrate.

Mar 14

A wholly-owned subsidiary Hoyuan (Baotou) Qingshan PV Power Generation Co., Ltd was founded successively, mainly specializing in solar power generation and relevant business.


Hoyuan Energy kicked off the construction of a “project with an annual output of 150,000 Thigh-purity industrial silicon and 100,000T high-purity crystalline silicon”.The project was divided into two phases, building an 80,000T high-purity industrial silicon project and 50,000T high-purity crystalline silicon capacity in the first phase, and moving forward depending on market conditions in the second phase.

May 12

A wholly-owned subsidiary Hongyuan New Materials (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd was founded, deploying the field of downstream PV wafers and cells.


PhaseIII 10GW monocrystalline crystal pulling project of Hongyuan New Materials(Baotou) was formally put into production.


HongyuanNew Materials (Baotou) successfully accomplished the first monocrystalline square rod slice, indicating Phase III supporting monocrystalline slicing project put into production.


PhaseII 8GW monocrystalline crystal pulling project of Hongyuan New Materials(Baotou) was formally put into production.


The diamond wire slicing equipment of Shangji Automation won the “first prize of China General Chamber of Commerce Science and Technology Award”.

May 20

A wholly-owned subsidiary Hongyuan New Materials (Baotou) Co., Ltd was founded,engaged in the production and processing of monocrystalline silicon rods and silicon wafers.

Jul 7

The first monocrystalline silicon rod was successfully pulled, marking that HongyuanNew Materials (Baotou) formally started production and operation.


Shangji Automation won the “Chinese Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award”.


Shangji established “Engineering Technology Research Center of Highly Hard-brittleMaterial Processing Equipment in Jiangsu Province”, insisted on innovation in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, and kept tackling key technologies in the industry.

Dec 28

Shangji Automation was listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange with stock code of 603185.


The PV industry ushered in the era of diamond wire slicing. Shangji successfully developed “CNC diamond wire slicing machine”, and set up R&D CollaborationCenter with Siemens to expedite technological progress and promote industrial upgrading.


Shangji became a member of China Photovoltaic Industry Association.


“CNC silicon block double-sided grinder” developed by Shangji was honored with the national key new product.


Shangji Automation joined forces with Jiangnan University to establish “Enterprise Graduate Workstation in Jiangsu Province”, blending its own industrial advantages with scientific and technological resources of university to promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.


Two CE-certified products paved the way for tapping into the global market.


Brand logo was born, inspired from Shangji’s abbreviation “SJ”, and “H” in the middle refers to “Hongyuan”, a sub-brand fostered by Shangji. The combination of China red and tech blue symbolizes the mission and responsibility of ShangjiAutomation to push forward green transformation of global energy with Chinese smart manufacturing and technological innovation.


Shangji Automation made inroads into the PV industry, rolled out multiple special processing equipment for PV crystalline silicon, and partnered with eminent enterprises such as CSI, POLY-GCL and Jinko Solar.

Sept 28

Mr.Yang Jianliang founded Wuxi Shangji Automation Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in the manufacturing of precision machine tools.