Make every kilowatt-hour cleaner, more efficient and greener

High-efficiency TOPCon solar modules

Energy is the cornerstone of economic and social development, while the limited energy resources and environmental problems brought about by development and utilization seriously restrict the sustainable economic and social development. This makes it necessary for human beings to look for renewable energy and turn their attention to new energy such as solar energy, which is abundant in resources and clean and pollution-free.

The European Commission's Joint Research Centre predicts:
By the end of the 21st century, 60% of the world's primary energy will come from the sun.

Green and low-carbon development has become a global consensus, and many countries have successively put forward carbon neutrality goals to vigorously promote the development of the photovoltaic industry. The strong support of national policies, the continuous expansion of installed capacity, and the rapid decline in power generation costs have jointly created the era of photovoltaic parity.

The continuous reduction in the cost of one kilowatt-hour is the essential driving force of the photovoltaic industry. In the next stage, further improving the conversion efficiency through technology research and development will be the main way for the industry to reduce costs, and it is also the key for photovoltaic companies to gain a foothold in the increasingly fierce market competition.

HYSOLAR in Jiangyin Lin’gang Economic Development Zone
HYSOLAR in Jiangyin Lin’gang Economic Development Zone Invest in the "photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing industrial park project" to build high-efficiency solar modules.
The products are mainly based on half-chip with multi-main gate N-type batteries.
It will effectively increase the power of the modules, thereby reducing the cost of the terminal power station.

Expanding the photovoltaic module business is a further improvement of the integrated layout of the company's photovoltaic industry chain. The upstream cell raw material project that has been launched before will also provide stable supply guarantee for module manufacturing and realize the cost advantage of raw materials.

More efficient module products also conform to the development trend of "large-size and efficient" in the photovoltaic industry, accelerate industry technology iteration and industrial upgrading through technological innovation, accelerate the speed of cost reduction, and help the long-term development of the overall level and competitiveness of China's photovoltaic industry.