N-type Cells
Lead PV Cell Technology

N-type high-efficiency crystalline silicon cells

With the continuous development of PV technology, N-type solar cells show the advantage of conversion efficiency.
In August 2022, Shangji Automation invested in building the production project of N-type high-efficiency crystalline silicon cells, further expanding the current industrial scale and improving the vertical integration of PV industrial chain.
The project will adopt TOPCon technology, one of mainstream technologies of N-type cells, which will considerably improve open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current of N-type cells, thereby improving the conversion efficiency of cells.
Afterward, in conjunction with MBB technology, laser SE+ technology, double-sided POLY process etc., it will rapidly reduce the unit consumption of pulp and further elevate the conversion efficiency.

Compared with current mainstream PERC technology of P-type cells, TOPcon has remarkable advantages:
1. High cell efficiency, 28.7% theoretical conversion efficiency approaching the limit of crystalline silicon;
2. Excellent component performance, high double-sided rate, low decay rate, low temperature coefficient, good low light effect and other advantages.
Meanwhile, with ongoing development of TOPCon technology, non-silicon cost will further decline, resulting in greater advantages compared with PERC.

Nowadays, the mass production efficiency of P-type cells has approached the theoretical limit, with increasingly mature PV equipment and material localization, the pursuit of more efficient cells has become a choice on the market, and N-type cells are expected to substitute P-type cells, opening up a new era of PV cells!

  • High-efficiency
  • High Double-sided Rate
  • Low Decay Rate
  • Excellent Low Light Effect
  • Lower Temperature Coefficient
  • Longer Carrier Life