N-type crystalline silicon solar cells
Expected to be the next mainstream PV solar cell technology

Crystalline silicon cells dominate the scale production and application of PV cells thanks to advantages of high conversion efficiency, wide source of materials, non-toxic and harmless, etc.

  • High conversion efficiency

  • Wide source of materials

  • Non-toxic and harmless

Silicon wafer-based silicon cells fall into P-type cells and N-type cells according to different elements in silicon wafers. In contrast, P-type silicon wafer, featured by mature production process and lower cost, is the mainstream of market; N-type is more efficient with relatively complex process.

Nowadays, the mass production efficiency of P-type cells has approached the theoretical limit, with increasingly mature PV equipment and material localization, more efficient cells are pursued and chosen on the market, and N-type cells are expected to be the development direction for the next generation of PV cells.

In August 2022, HYSOLAR invested “new energy industry integration project”
in Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone to build N-type solar cells wafer capacity
solar cells production follows TOPCon technology route
with higher conversion efficiency and better component performance

TOPCon, one of mainstream technology routes of N-type cells, boasts excellent market competitiveness in terms of efficiency, cost, scale etc.

With constantly mature TOPCon technology, non-silicon costs will further decline, resulting in greater advantages compared with traditional P-type cells.

As HYSOLAR made inroads into the PV solar cells wafer field, it will make the most of its technology and experience accumulation in N-type silicon wafers and high-end intelligent equipment, play advantages of upstream and downstream linkage, and improve the vertical integration of PV industrial chain.

N-type high-efficiency crystalline silicon cells

  • High-efficiency

    High double-sided rate

  • Low decay rate

    Lower temperature coefficient

  • Excellent low light effect

    Longer warranty time