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High-purity industrial silicon + high-purity crystalline silicon

High-purity Crystalline Silicon

Polysilicon is primarily used in the PV field, among three major application areas of industrial silicon.

After further purification, industrial silicon can be prepared into polysilicon. Polysilicon is made into monocrystalline silicon rods and silicon wafers respectively through melting, crystal pulling, and slicing, then used to manufacture crystalline silicon batteries. Battery wafers are arranged, packaged, and combined with other auxiliary materials to form solar panels. With regard to polysilicon preparation, HYSOLAR will adopt the most advanced, mature, and modified Siemens process route, and the most high-end intelligent production equipment in the industry. The high-purity crystalline silicon produced can not only meet raw materials for the production of N-type silicon wafers with the latest technology but also meet raw materials for the production of P-type silicon wafers.

  • Adopt modified Siemens process route with higher purity
  • Compatible with raw materials for production of P-type and N-type silicon wafers